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  • Forum Rules & Regulation

    CertBits is a community focused on today’s IT industry. It is a place for sharing thoughts, knowledge, experience, contents, and much more.
    CertBits is an open and free forum for users to share their helpful knowledge and experience without any restrictions. CertBits works with a group of dedicated members who are alert and active throughout the day. With the increasing numbers of our users, we are growing rapidly and we are trying to make our forum better day by day.


    CerBits allows and restricts postings/comments/uploads/downloads/etc on the basis of below rules and regulations:

    1. Right to Privacy

    2. No advertisements through links, posts, emails or by any other method on this forum.

    3. No Spam through links, posts, emails or by any other method on this forum.

    4. Do not contact/message/email to moderator/admin or any other staff until necessary.

    5. Your post, links, messages, emails must be free from virus, malware, adware and other illegal tools/softwares.

    6. You cannot back-bite, insult, flame, defame or abuse any other member on this forum.

    7. You are supposed to use a polite language.

    8. Illegal resources/illegal reactions or any other illegal activities are not allowed.

    9. No unnecessary Post Pumping.

    10. Non usable content not allowed.

    11. Content should be posted in the correct thread.

    12. No discussion about ban users, ban contents.

    13. Avoid lengthy signatures.

    14. No multiple accounts

    15. Posts related to political contents not allowed.

    16. Minors below 18 years , not allowed (it is allowed with special permission by admin)

    17. Personal informations like name, contact number, email, etc are not allowed to be posted publically in this forum.

    18. No irrelevant topics/comments are allowed.

    19. Selling not allowed.

    20. Do not tag admin/moderator in any of the message/thread/comment etc

    If any of the above rules & regulations have found to be violated, action will be taken immediately which may result in banning of the account.

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