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Certbits FAQs


Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: What can I post?
Answer : Anything related to the proper content zone.

Question 2: Why I am Ban?
Answer : Violation of rules.

Question 3: Can I access forum content after Ban?
Answer : No.

Question 4: I am not able to make any post but able to see the contents?
Answer : You have a temporary restriction due to violation of rules.

Question 5: I am not able to register/login?
Answer : Please contact admin.

Question 6: What is Certbits all about?
Answer : Certbits is an online forum designed for all day-to-day IT related discussions, providing latest features and updates with the help of its members.

Question 7: I am not able to download or access forum?
Answer : You need to register/login, if still issue persist than you have a permanent ban.

Question 8 : Can a member suggest adding/modification of any new category/forum/sub-forum?
Answer : Yes, suggestions are most welcome, if it is worth.

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